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The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press is an independent, not for-profit Libyan institution working to defend freedom of the press and the media and protection of journalists. It was founded by journalists, law professionals and human rights defenders following the outbreak of serious attacks on Libyan journalists and the growth of hate speech and misleading information that threatens the Libyan society’s right to knowledge and freedom of expression.

The Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press was established to
combat violence and intimidation experienced by journalists and
various media outlets, end impunity for the perpetrators of crimes,
deter attempts to silence mouths and politicize media discourse, with the aim of ensuring a safe environment for journalists and establishing the principle of freedom of the press and media.

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OUR goals

Preparing and issuing periodic reports, media researches related to combating impunity.

Providing all forms of legal support and emergency assistance to journalists who are subjected to violence or prosecution.

Contributing to improving the quality of press content, combating false news and combating hate speech.

Building the capacities of legal professionals and judges around legal standards for freedom of the press and expression in accordance with international agreements

Building the capacity of journalists on specialized journalism and armed conflict-sensitive journalism.

Submit proposals related to developing legal legislations to reform the press and media sector.



Supporting and training journalists, developing their skills, advocating press freedom issues, presenting a national vision based on the structural reform of the press and media sector, updating and enacting legal legislation for the Libyan media, and developing infrastructure related to media technology.


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