Political propaganda and the lack of pluralism in Libyan media

Political propaganda and the lack of pluralism in Libyan media

Tripoli, Monday, September 4: The Libyan Center for Freedom of Press (LCFP) issued a new research report, the first of its kind in the Libyan context, on "political pluralism in Libyan satellite channels" in preparation for the national elections. The research report is launched in partnership with MENA Media Monitor . The new research report focuses on monitoring and...

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amid an outbreak of False and misleading news.

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It is a cultural and educational resource for Libyan journalists, and it supports media campaigns on issues of freedom of the press and expression and the dissemination of professional content related to professional ethics.

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A group of journalists, media professionals, and activists who have died as victims of the press in parts of Libya and in various cities from several different years.

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